PMS will provide customizable, quality control reviews for our clients. Our Due Diligence team will perform an in-depth loan review to provide clients with a complete picture of each sample loan. Our focus is to identify any risks, economic losses, and red flags that would potentially affect the representation and warrants, as well as any breach of the client’s Master Contract. Further, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the significant findings so that our clients will understand how to mitigate potential risks, create efficiencies to maximize profitability, as well as increase origination.

Targeted Areas of Post-Closed Loan Review:

  • Credit Review
  • Employment/Income
  • Assets
  • Property valuation
  • Data integrity
  • Compliance
  • Undisclosed properties/mortgages
  • Insufficient Documentation
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • 3rd Party Verification


PMS will perform Quality Control reviews for mortgage lenders, financial institutions, investment bankers, government agencies, and other private firms. Our Quality Control team will collect data while carefully performing a loan level review, examining the loan file in accordance with corresponding guidelines relevant to the date of loan qualification/origination.

Targeted Areas of QC Review:

  • Re-Underwriting Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Repurchase Review
  • Rep & Warrant Review
  • Conventional, FHA, Reverse Mortgage Review
  • 3rd Party Verification


PMS Underwiters prepare careful, detailed analysis of the loan package to determine the appropriate level of risk. Our Underwiters are extremely knowledgeble of standard underwriting practices that adhere to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA guidelines. Using the loan application and supporting documents, the underwriter calculates the appropriate loan-to-value and debt-to-income ratios to properly analyze the borrower´s ability to repay (ATR). Our underwriters will provide conditional loan approvals for the underwriter will submit the loan package for lender/investor final loan approval and loan closing. PMS Underwriters fully understand loan policies set forth by Conventional, Goverment, and Commercial lending guideline standards and we pride ourselves on turn-time, efficiency. Be assured our PMS Underwiters will always conduct business with integrity and in a highly ethical manner.

Targeted Areas of Origination Underwriting:

  • Run and reconcile the Automated Underwriting System (“AUS”) findings
  • Analyze the credit report, income documents, asset documentation, liability documentation
  • Calculate all ratios
  • Review each appraisal
  • Review loan file for any potential compliance-related issues
  • Review title and resolve any title issues
  • Review property insurance
  • Order mortgage insurance (if applicable)
  • 3rd Party Verification


PMS Processors will gather information and take each file from pre-approval to closing. By inputting proper loan information into the automated underwriting system (AUS), our Processors will be able to assist your loan officers with ordering and providing accurate loan documents, which will ultimately prepare complete loan packaging for submittal to underwriting. Our Processors will assist the loan originator in meeting crucial deadlines and perform any additional duties to ensure timely and accurate packaging, submission, and closing of all loans.

Targeted Areas of Origination Processing:

  • Review of all loan documentation (Employment, Income, Assets)
  • Rensure 1003 and 1008 are complete
  • Generate and verify applicable disclosures
  • Order case numbers (if applicable)
  • Order appraisal, title, insurance
  • Order and review verifications, including VOE, VOM and VOD
  • Clear conditions
  • Order closing documents
  • Coordinate funding


  • Compliance Review
  • 3rd Party Verification